Was going through my old portfolio last night and became so nostalgic over my old knitting business!!! I only have a few left and might finally say goodbye to them for a few Christmas presents this year. I still this this idea is a great one and I hope I have the funds & free time one day to explore it further with better materials and an easier production flow.

Infinity-and-beyond copy.jpg

SKETCH:: Houseplant

I love my iPad Pro for quick doodles! This is a one of my philodendron plant!

QUICK LOOK:: "Give a Damn"

Made a quick acrylic 8x10 painting with a great constant reminder to add to my work cubicle :)

CRAFT:: Fiber Sculpture

Somewhere in the Woods of Acushnet
Fiber sculpture by Charlotte Saul

This piece was all about the meditative process involved in sewing the individual elements. It was hung in the woods outside of my house. I'll go check on it again in a few months to see how nature takes its toll :)

Daily UI:: 001

I have decided to participate in the #DailyUI challenge in an effort to practice and grow my skills on Adobe Illustrator and Sketch App. I'm excited to have a way to make me design quickly each day and get me more familiar with UI design. As you'll see, for day 1 I couldn't stick to just one design and experimented with two different ideas.

Day 1 - Sign Up Page

'Like a Moss' is a mock brand that created for this challenge.

'Like a Moss' is a mock brand that created for this challenge.